About us

-We Are-
The Wild Ones! Supreme Elements is a lifestyle brand based in south 
London. We specialised on graphic and typography designs 
using premium and organic materials.

Inspired by tattoo, street culture, and our love for 
nature. We managed to find the balance between beautifully 
detailed designs with ethical and sustainable materials. 
Giving a new meaning to the word “fashion conscious" 

-The History-
SE1 Clothing or Supreme Elements as we are now known was 
born out of chaos. Really! Back when we were brainstorming 
for a name, everything around us was messed up. I mean, 
disasters upon disasters was happening all over the world. 
Also the pressure was building up on what name to use, 
which designs to produce, what’s the budget, and which 
website/e-commerce site shall we sign up to, I mean all of 
this was a bit too much for a man who knew nothing about 
making a website let alone running a business. But one 
thing I know is that perseverance and hard work pays off. 
HUSTLE HARD! I have been selling tees to my friends and 
families since I can remember. I often go to festivals and 
music events to flog my merch to strangers and ask for 
their opinions. Everyone seems to like what I do/sell.
That’s how I knew that I was on the right path.

-The Name-
So Names where flying out my mind, countless sleepless 
nights, research, planning and all that stuff. Then one day 
I have all the names jotted down a pad whilst watching 
telly and suddenly I was shocked at what I saw. A massive 
Tsunami wiping Japan out the map! (That’s how it looks like 
at the time.) I mean this is crazy. Imagine water, so pure and
delicate an element of nature, but when it is push to it’s limit potential
it can be lethal. An element so strong it can destroy 
anything on its path. its unstoppable! its Supreme..
Now I’m having flashbacks of me and my family facing one of the 
biggest volcano eruption in Asia when we were kids. 
I remembered the countless times our roof flew off our house because of 
heavy typhoons during monsoon season. No water, No electricity, No food. 
The amount of times we have to run outside our house to an open space to 
avoid falling objects because there is an earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude.
By the way if you don’t know what I am talking about Google it. 
The Earthquake and the Volcano eruption happened just 11 months apart. 
While the whole country is still recovering from the first calamity another one strikes. 
I was 12 years old then. And I was lucky to be alive. That’s what I meant when 
I say Supreme Elements was born out of chaos. Because beside all of that. 
I survived. We survived! That no matter what life throws at us. 
We are unstoppable. We are Supreme Elements.

So that’s how our name came about. Supreme Elements.. A 
lifestyle brand that’s unstoppable and indestructible. 
Designs so bold and beautiful that it is hard to ignore. So 
move out or we’re taking you out! 

-Our Aim-
Is to provide cool, ethical, and sustainable, designs to 
the public. Bringing fashion and nature together. We 
promote individualism and uniqueness. Producing limited 
edition designs. Not to over saturate the market. We aim 
for Quality not quantity. And above all customer 

One of our aim as well is to release a new design every few 
months, not just by seasons. We always work with talented 
designers to make sure the end product is dope.  

I also like to think that I’m a great advocate for the 
unknown. That is why I want to bring in, or do 
collaborations with other artist and feature their brands 
and ideas on our website. It’s our way of promoting artists 
uniqueness and showcasing their amazing work.

What Else!..World Domination of course! hahaha..

We are a growing company and still new to the industry. 
However we love fashion, we love designs and we love 
providing our beloved audience with something different. We 
will continue to work hard to give you the best quality 
design for you to rock on!

We are always open to any suggestions. If you think you can 
help us to improve our brand and designs or if you have 
some awesome merch that you would like us to showcase do 
not hesitate to contact us.

Soon we will be adding more products and accessories to our 
line so stay tune and keep supporting.

Thank you and I appreciate your time reading this.
Supreme Elements.



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